Thursday, November 25, 2010

The True Meaning of Thanksgiving--Cat Style

HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Thanksgiving is celebrated in various ways. My felines have decided the best way to spend Thanksgiving is napping the day away. Indy is the kitten on the pillow, then Scooter, Yakkie, Zippy and of course Mr. Tigger. I guess they voted Pokey off the island and had to find other accommodations.
Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving with family and friends!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Is This Basket a Keeper?

I made this basket over the weekend and Yakkie sure did take to it. She thinks this is HER new bed. I showed it to her and she immediately hopped into it and went to sleep. Then after a few minutes of napping, baby sister, Miss Indy jumped in the basket and the fight was on. I checked
on them a few minutes later and Miss Indy was stretched out
in the basket. Not sure who won that battle.

I am still working on the design for the cat basket. It is made from
cotton piping and cotton fabric is woven along the sides to hold it
together and hold the bottom to the coils. I am thinking the
piping will have to be covered so it doesn't fall apart when washed.
The bottom is cut from a thick blanket. I am planning on putting a mat in the bottom that has catnip in it.

Keep checking my blog or my web site on Etsy to see when I have the baskets added.

Let me know what you think about my newest creation. Do you think your kitty would be happy napping in it? Leave me a comment.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

OUCH! Who Shut The Window?

Winter is coming to SW Colorado. My 6 cats use my bedroom window as a cat door when the weather is nice. Last night we had a nice rain shower with a cool breeze so before I went to bed I shut my window. Well, one of the young kittens, Miss Indy or Zippy smacked the window. I guess they didn't read the memo about the window closing for a while. I really felt bad. Neither of the cats were acting goofier than normal when they came in, so whoever bonked there head was okay.

I have a cat door that lets them into the garage and then into the house. Well, for the last few years, it seems my garage has turned into a poopy pan. I know my cats contribute along with several of the neighborhood cats and strays. So this winter, they are all getting shut out of the garage. I had one of the guys in the bodyshop where I work cut a hole in my metal door and install a new cat door. The cat door is in the middle of the door because I have a severe skunk problem and they have been known to come into the house. I had to put my outdoor picnic table up against the door so the cats can jump up on it and can come in. We had practice the other night. All 6 of them mastered the new door. So when it does turn cold and I have to turn on the heat and close all the windows, they still have a way into the house.

Oh, the things we do for our pets. My cats are my kids, so nothing but the best for them. I even have an electric blanket for there side of the bed. But they still like to snuggle up close to me. Some mornings I get up and wonder if they had beat me up. But they love me.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Check Out My Dog Shop

Colorado Catnip Toys has another shop on Etsy called "Two Sleepy Dogs". Most of the dog quilts are the the same great quilts I have in my cat shop, except I have removed the catnip toy. Your small dog or puppy will love snuggling in there own personal quilt. I have 3 different sizes of dog beds--21x21 inches, 28x28 inches and 34x34 inches. Each quilt is handmade and washable. I use 100% cotton fabric with fluffy quilt batting. Custom orders are welcomed. Check out the colorful quilts at Two Sleepy Dogs at

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Miss Indy And Her New Catnip Toy

Tonight I made a new catnip toy and Miss Indy was my tester. She thought it was wonderful. The toy is braided fabric and one of the braids has catnip in it. Miss Indy hasn't yet learned to appreciate the "magic" of catnip, but she is learning. When Miss Indy and I get the toy perfected we will get a couple listed in our Colorado Catnip Shop. Toy would make a great Christmas stocking stuffer.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcome to Colorado Catnip Toys

I hope you will enjoy reading the antics of my six cats. Believe me, there is never a dull moment in this house. I usually have a couple strays that come in and clean up the cat food my kids leave. Nothing goes to waste in this house.

You will read about Mr. Tigger, a 11 year old tiger stripe; Yakkie and Pokey 10 year old full sisters; Scooter who is 5 and Zippy who is 2 and the baby of the group Miss Indy. They were all orphans. Each one has a very different purr-sonality.

When Yak and Poke were babies, since they are both pure black, I snipped the very end of Pokey's tail so I could tell them apart. I couldn't tell who was in trouble, so I had to scold both of them. Now they can't stand each other. "Hiss hiss, Mom, she looked at me". Scooter is a happy go lucky gray with a white chest and four white paws. Zippy is a long haired calico. She has yet to meow. She will make a growling sound at time, but no meows! Miss Indy is the newest addition to the orphanage. She just appeared at my back door this summer. Miss Indy has extra toes on her front feet. She is a tiger stripe with a touch of peach on her toes.

All of my cats help me with the catnip shop. I usually have no less than 3 cats laying either on the sewing table or on the ironing board. They get to test all my products and when I make a "boo boo" toy, they get to play with it. Life is good making catnip toys! Check out my shop on Etsy at